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  GOLDSMITH MAIERS - Cala Salada, San Antonio, Ibiza, BalearIcs, Spain -


GoldsMITH Maiers
- Cala Salada, San Antonio, Ibiza, BalearIcs, Spain -

We create a piece of jewelry according to your wishes!!

Goldsmith Maiers
The work of a Goldsmith, is
comparable to that of an artist. You have to reinvent every day, to avoid being monotonous. The creative use of materials is essential. The first look at the stone already gives a good idea about the result, and is the real charm of my work. Advising my clients well is my main importance.
* Reinhard Maiers was born in Freiburg, Germany in 1954 and started his Goldsmith training in 1970.
The oil crisis limited this business and in 1974 Mr. Maier was retrained to dental technician.
However he never left his real passion the Goldsmith’s craft.
On 5 October 1978 he became Master in the goldsmith trade and soon after he opened,in cooperartion with his wife, his own business and turned his passion into a profession.
After almost 20 successful years of independence, he, his wife and their youngest daughter moved to his favorite island of Ibiza where the flair of the island gives him new momentum in the creativity of his craft.

Ibiza Gecko
Gecko Necklace
Fine jewelery
Pendant of silver with Gecko
Diamond Rings
Bracelet of silver with 10 geckos
Fine jewelery
Gecko Mens Jewelry
Fine jewelery
Diamond Ring

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